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About Our Founder, Angela Zaev

Angela Zaev, Founder of Old World Cuisine

Angela Zaev began Old World Cuisine as a way to share her love of building relationships over a simple meal prepared in love and displayed in a flattering yet simple manner.  While traveling in Macedonia, she learned much about the culture and traditions shared over meals and liked the simple elegance of the trays and platters that many of her hosts used in entertaining. 

Impressed with the quality, Angela sought to bring that same simplicity and modern elegance home, that's why Old World Cuisine features high quality Stainless Steel Serving Trays, Utensils, Bowls and cups, proudly crafted in Macedonia

In addition to managing her family business, experimenting with recipes, and devouring books, Angela home schools her son, Pavle and is a helpmeet to her husband, Zoran in his work and ministry. 

For more information about Angela, gift giving ideas, stories and traditions, visit the Old World Cuisine blog.


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Angela's Featured Recipes

:: Macedonian Lentils, a traditional Balkan Recipe - This is a simple and heart healthy meal with garlic.  It is great for warming up in the winter and if you participate in the Weight Watchers program like I do, you will love the low points! 

:: Snickerdoodles (A Soft Cinnamon Sugar Cookie) - This is a very easy sugar cookie that kids LOVE to help with by getting their hands in the dough to roll it.  These cookies have a mild taste and soft flakey inside. 

:: Macedonian Coffee (Also called Turkish Coffee or Greek Coffee) - I love a great cup of coffee and a quick brewing cup of Macedonian Coffee is a great accompaniment to an informal chat with friends. 

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